Kelsey’s Special Day

A girl and her duck! They both look very comfy. Daddy loves it that given a choice of bears and all kinds of other stuffed animals, Abby chose this duck.

Kelsey’s birthday party favors were from Toy Story 3. No Slinky Dog, but we did have slinkies!

Waiting for the big event. For Kelsey’s birthday, the big kids all got to go to the theater and see Toy Story 3.

The twins are ready to go!

Daddy feels sorry for Emma who doesn’t get to go.

They’re all stuffed into the car.

The babies and I watch them take off.

Then I set the babies up for their own movie, complete with popcorn and drinks and Reese cups. They even got to eat in the living room!

It’s not Toy Story 3, but they loved it! It’s Willy the Sparrow, which all of my kids have loved at their age.

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