Discipling Mothers So That They Can Properly Disciple Their Children

I have been reading Marilyn Howshall’s testimony and the blog posts by her “disciple”, Barbie Poling at Influential Parenting.

I have been getting so much good information and food for thought from their stories. So much of my parenting has been intuitive and Spirit-led that I haven’t thought much about the process. These ladies have written out the steps to follow.

And I must confess that much of my parenting has not been intentional enough, and there have been times when I have been lazy and have just depended on God’s grace to cover me when I should have taken the time and effort to discuss things with my children and to deal with heart issues. But part of the problem with that has been my not knowing what was the correct way that these issues should be dealt with. That is what Barbie’s blog posts have been helping me with. It’s better late than never, but I wish I had started reading these materials and putting them in practice sooner.

They really get into heart issues in all of our relationships and how we relate to people in our lives. They deal a lot with truth-telling. I see a lot of transparency and honesty being required in this kind of discipleship.

In dealing with our children in this way, it will take lots of time and lots of discussions. I’m going to have to change the way I do lots of things. But this is what I have wanted. I want my children to walk in love and to put others before themselves. I want us to develop godly relationships within the family so that we will be able to relate to people outside of the family in a godly way.

A big key is to stop being self-centered. We have to stop trying to use others to get approval for ourselves. We have to do things just because they bless others. That’s what we moms have to change in ourselves! Then we can train our children to live this way.

I’ve been meditating on this thought from part 8 of Marilyn’s story of the ministry that God has done through her:

Coming to maturity is a process, but Christlike character—where Christ is at the center—is formed in us rather quickly, with the ability to love selflessly, relate correctly, and produce the fruit of Christlike character in our children. The fruit of unity in a marriage, and unity, peace, harmony, and teamwork in a family is also set in place quickly through the power of the Holy Spirit in each family member who is learning and practicing self-control-by-love.

You can read the rest of the post here:

I hope you will check out this website and see if the Lord has something to show you that will help you in your relationships and in the discipling of your children.

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