New Blog – New Vision!

Hi! Welcome to my new blog! Please feel free to look around. My web designer has done a wonderful job. Jocelyn at A Pondering Heart designed my template and gave me lots of tech support!

I have articles here on Homeschooling, some comparing it to other forms of education.

I have articles on Faith and hanging on to it when the hard times come.

And I have lots of pictures of cute kids who have helped God shape me into the person I am today. I know that God has called me to shape them into vessels for His glory, but the pots have done plenty of shaping of the potter in this case. And the shaping continues. If you would like to share in our adventures, please come back often. I will try to keep my spiritual ears open and post what the Lord is wanting to say each time I write.

If you need encouragement during trying times, read my posts under the category Journey of Fire. If you need homeschooling ideas, read my posts in the Homeschooling category. If you need encouragement to continue homeschooling, I have several posts that should fire you back up.

There are many posts, so don’t forget to check out the older posts by clicking on “previous entries”. I invite you to come along with me on this journey as we follow the Lamb wherever He goes.


  1. Penney! I love the new blog! All your own too! I love your banner, the pictures are so adorable! And aren’t the girls getting prettier and prettier! Everytime I see them!

  2. Hi Penney! Found your new blog. I’ve been on a break from blogland while I married of my second born.
    You asked about a poem on my Africa post- it was actually lyrics from a Keith Green song.
    Go to the Hungry Ones – http://www.aaccoa.org/christian/keith/k29.html
    I love that song. Very convicting.
    I’m off to peek around your new home on the web.


    1. Hey Christy, thanks for finding me here! I’m looking forward to checking back in to see what you’re up to. I’ll link to your blog, so it will be easy. Thanks for giving me the specifics about the Keith Green lyrics. I LOVE Keith Green’s music. I have both of his collections, but I didn’t recognize those lyrics. I’ll have to get out my CD’s and listen again! Did you see the Live Webcast Melody did to get his message and music out to a new generation?

  3. Hi Penney

    Thanks for your recent visit to my blog. I came over here to check you out (lol) and I absolutely LOVE your blog / website. I’ve already read a little about you and I love your spirit! I am sure I’ll be coming back in the future:)


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