Update: Today Things Are Looking Up


The owners came by the house today. As soon as I heard the doorbell ring, I knew it was either them or the sheriff. I opened the door and the man introduced himself as the owner of the house. I told him, “I’ve been trying to get us out of here.” His wife jumped in and said, “We just came to let you know it’s no problem.” I could have kissed her. I invited them in and apologized for the disorder and chaos. They knew that it was because we’re trying to move, so they were fine with it.

They said that their brother-in-law had come by earlier to check things out. He talked to Gary and just said he was a friend of theirs. He must have given them a favorable report, because they came to set our minds at ease about not having to immediately vacate the premises. Their stuff is still on a ship somewhere and they’re staying with their brother-in-law. I was so relieved. I felt like crying. I told them of the problems we’ve had finding another house, and they were very understanding. I did give the wife a hug. They were absolutely amazing about the whole thing. They were grateful that we had been good renters who always paid our rent on time and didn’t tear up their house, so they were happy to give us a little more time.

So now we have 2 more weeks to locate that perfect house that God has in store for us that no city or county or state can keep us out of!

By the way, we did find a house that just came up that looks promising. It looks a lot like the house we’re in with the same square feet. The outside looks almost identical in color to this house. The shape looks similar, too, just with the garage on the opposite side. There’s no basement, but there’s a loft area. Gary and I have been arguing about whether we need a basement. That just might be the answer to our conflict. I want us together more, he wants the extra space. It only has 4 regulation bedrooms, but it’s not in Belleville or O’Fallon, so we might be all right. And the rent is $350 less than we’re paying now.

House we just found on the website
House we just found on the website
Present house we're renting
Present house we're renting

See the resemblance?!!!

Thank you to all who have been praying for us!


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