The Saga Continues

We still don’t have a new house to move into. I thought we had found the “perfect” house, similar to the “dog” house, but clean and fresh and well-taken-care-of. It looked wonderful. We all liked it, the ones who were there anyway. But then we saw it – animal hair!!! Aaaaah! Anna noticed some in a vent. Then Gary said he saw a lot in the garage. Then I admitted that I saw some on the welcome mat. Not a welcome sight! We still held out hope that somehow the house could have been pet-free and that somehow all that hair just materialized out of thin air in all of those places. But Gary started having problems breathing, then his eyes started itching. Then he knew the truth. The previous tenants must have had a cat. The worst of all pets for him since he’s so allergic to them. I’m starting to really dislike indoor pets. I never wanted them myself, but now I’m starting to wish nobody had them. They are keeping me from getting the house I need.

I don’t know how other people feel, but shouldn’t the health and comfort of people be more important than having your pet inside?

Present house we're renting
Present house we're renting
This house is for rent.  I wonder if they had pets in it...
This house is for rent. I wonder if they had pets in it...
Id like to live in the country but...
I'd like to live in the country but...
Now thats more like it!
Now that's more like it!

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