Lord, help my husband
To do what is right,
To use his time wisely,
To choose the right fight.

Help him to honor you
In all of his ways,
To give you the glory
For each of his days.

Give him a grateful heart
Full of Your joy.
Help him to rise above
Things that annoy.

Show him, Oh Lord
How he sits on his treasure.
His wife and his children
Are gifts beyond measure.

What is lovely and of good report
He will think on these things.
His gifts and his talents
Will bring him before kings.

Give him the wisdom
that comes from above
And all of your fruits
Especially peace, joy and love.

A man of his word
He will always be,
Walking in truth
And integrity.

The spiritual head
Of our family,
My husband will pray
And cover me.

In his love and his strength
Our children are secure.
Through the storms of life
Their moorings are sure.
~ P.M.D

If you would like for me to pray for you and your husband, please leave me a comment or email me, and I will be happy to pray for you. Marriage is under attack. It’s difficult anyway, but with the enemy constantly interfering and causing problems between us, we all need lots of prayer cover.

The Lord gave me this poem when I asked Him to help me think of a way to pray consistently and cover the main things that I wanted to pray for my husband every day.

I have it memorized, so I can pray it whenever I want to. I barely have to think about it, so I can be in the middle of doing something else and still pray for my husband.


If you are looking for a prayer for your husband to love you, please see my posts about marriage under the category of Marriage.

I believe that feminism has done a lot of damage to marriage and to relationships between men and women. Our relationships should all be built on love, and everything we do should be out of love for the other person instead of trying to get our own needs met.

A great source of help for restoring and building up a right relationship with your husband and children is Lifestyle of Learning, the ministry of Marilyn Howshall. God has revealed to her the way to develop good relationships with everybody in your life, starting with your husband and your children. A good post about correcting wrong thinking so that the relationship with your husband can be made right is here. The people who have applied these teachings have seen astounding results in their marriages and families!!!

A really good book that helps build strong relationships is “Keep Your Love On” by Danny Silk.

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10 Responses to “Prayer for My Husband”

  1. Beautiful…did you write that?
    Carolee Sperry-Hollenback´s last blog post ..Worshipful Wednesday Week 7- Lift his name on high!



    Penney Reply:

    Yes, the Lord gave it to me so I could pray quickly and easily for him. I have it memorized, so I can pray it any time!



  2. I love this poem I think I will send it to my husband. Its so perfect!
    Jenifer Harrod´s last blog post ..Homemade Pretend Band-aids



  3. karen says:

    thank you for sharing all this on the web…I was looking on specific prayers for my husband. I need a miracle to see my husband in love with the Lord.
    if you could put us in your prayers
    thank you :)



    Penney Reply:

    I would be honored to pray for you and your husband. May the Lord pursue your husband and reveal His great Love and the power of His presence to him.



  4. Marcia says:

    Thank you for they Poem, Please pray for my husband to have peace, clarity, focus, and the strength to avoid temptation and put God his family and himself first.

    Thank you very much!



    Penney Reply:

    Hi Marcia, I’m praying for your husband right now. God loves you and is very concerned about your marriage and everything that concerns you. Marriage is under attack from all sides right now. The enemy does not want our marriages to succeed because they are meant to show God’s relationship with His Bride (us), so he does everything he can to make them fail. I will stand with you in praying for your husband to be a strong leader in your home.



  5. Lori Morales says:

    Please pray for me that my husband stops divorce and try to work out or problems i love him with all my heart my name is Lori and his is tomas thank you and god bless



    Penney Reply:

    I’m praying, Lori! Right now. I’m praying for God to do a miracle for you in your relationship with your husband.



  6. Lori Morales says:

    Pray my husband loves me and try to make our marriages work



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