Don’t Give Up on Your Marriage!

Keep Praying for your marriage!

couple praying together

Keep fighting for your marriage!

Keep binding the enemy against your marriage!

Don’t give up!

God can do miracles and He wants to. Do your part in praying and seeking His strategies for defeating the enemy who is trying to destroy your marriage.

I am praying with you today that God will turn your husband’s heart back to you and that your marriage will be restored.

Let’s stand together and fight this battle for our marriages spiritually. Because that is where the battle is.

I’m in it with you.

I’m Not Like Your Father – with Misty Edwards

Listen to this if you have a father, if you are a father, if you had a father, if you want to be a father, if you want to understand what kind of father God is.

If you have a Father wound that needs to be healed,

If you need to forgive your father,

If you have a difficult time thinking of God as a father because of the way your father treated you, you need to listen to this song. It will help you.

This song is absolutely loaded with wisdom and help with family relationships, spiritual relationship, hope for your daily life, and more!

Fun Day Planting Flowers

Finally, the little girls had an excuse to get dirty! And they loved it. And the results were beautiful!





Black Eyed Susans!!!





The tall pink ones are Day Patiens. They are like Impatiens but they like the sun.