The New (Old) Republic

The Return of the Republic  


I have a secret, but I’m going to tell you this secret in hopes that you will tell everybody you know. This secret should be common knowledge, but History books in our schools do not mention it. 


We lost our Republic a long time ago! Actually, it was stolen from us. It’s interesting what Benjamin Franklin told a woman who asked what kind of government they gave us. He told her, “A Republic, Madam, if you can keep it.” Well, we didn’t keep it. And you won’t believe who stole it from us. The British! That’s right. We fought a big war to get free from them, but then we lost control of our economy and our republic to them not long after that. The way it all happened is kind of complicated, but they had an agenda, and they carried it out. And our leaders fell for it. In 1871 after the Civil War, a group of European bankers formed a corporation called UNITED STATES and changed our government to a corporation that they controlled. Our Southern congressmen had left because they didn’t like what was going on, so we had a foreign group invade and take over our country under the name of UNITED STATES as a corporation.


https://rumble.com/vehu5b-military-occupation-11.3-youll-love-11.11-new-government-act-of-1871-revers.html  Start at about 8:45 to find out what happened to our republic in 1871.


So now the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a corporation, not a republic. Those British bankers wanted to establish a global government, not out of a desire for global brotherhood but because they wanted to own the riches of the world. They wanted our resources so in 1910 they had a secret meeting and came up with a bank called the Federal Reserve and took over our banking system by establishing a central bank. The word federal made it sound like it was national, but it is not. It’s really something that is run by the European cabal, not our own government! Then they took control of our state department through the Council on Foreign Relations, then they established international agencies like the United Nations, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund, NAFTA, the WTO, the CIA, and radical legislation that opened the US to the Third World. Now the United States is something far different than it started out to be. 


https://youtu.be/1vPvCKcpWYE?t=1335 Start at 23:00 to hear about a George Washington prophecy about our day. 


Another pivotal event which happened in 1971 is that Nixon took us off of the gold standard. 


But all of those things are about to be reversed! That’s the secret I wanted to tell you!


https://youtu.be/pMJqLyZwZFg?t=2318 God is the God of miracles! Jeff Jansen talks about it on Elijah Streams.


God  has called President Trump to return our Republic to us and return power to “We the People”. Did you listen to his Inauguration speech back in 2016? When I heard it, I was shocked. He said, “Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by “You the American people”. 




This is a video of President Trump’s inauguration speech in 2016. I can’t wait to hear his inauguration speech for the 2020 election that he won!!!


Babylon is fallen. The Cabal, the Deep State, The New World Order has lost its power over us.


https://youtu.be/SgYDeeZn2-c?t=702  In this video Johnny Enlow talks with Steve Shultz from Elijah Streams about the Mystery of Trump, the test of abundance, Project Looking Glass, and the prophetic perspective of the period of time from 2012 to 2021. This gives us a lot of information about what is happening. This video was recorded on April 8, 2021.


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And here General Flynn tells us “By God’s grace, this is a Constitutional Republic”. 


Here is something I can’t verify, but it’s very interesting. A second Declaration of Independence that President Trump signed. 




It seems that soon we will have a new government that is really our original government which will be restored as a Constitutional Republic with Donald Trump as the 19th President of our Republic!


Check out all of these links. Research the true history of America, and get your hopes up that things are being exposed, cleaned up, and made right.


If you want to research the true history of America, you can read “The Killing of Uncle Sam” by Rodney Howard-Browne, “You Know Something’s Wrong When… “ by Anna Maria Reizinger,  http://usa-the-republic.com/illuminati/History_Of_The_Takeover_Of_America.pdf, “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin, or a simplified version of his book for children called “The Tuttle Twins and the Creature from Jekyll Island” by Connor Boyack, and watch videos by Johnny Enlow, Jeff Jansen, and other Christian prophets who are informed, aware, awake, and listening to God. Go to TimetoFreeAmerica.com. 


So now we have gone through our Red Sea moment with the EVERGREEN ship. We have been going through Tribulation under the cabal, the Illuminati, Deep State, New World Order globalists, luciferians, satanists for thousands of years, but now the tide is turning, they are being exposed, and they are being held accountable and knocked out of their positions and wealth.

Some of the first Executive Orders Pres. Trump made when he became President was to freeze the assets of anyone involved in human trafficking and crimes against humanity.


Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption






Enforcing Federal Law With Respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations and Preventing International Trafficking

(f) pursue and support additional efforts to prevent the operational success of transnational criminal organizations and subsidiary organizations within and beyond the United States, to include prosecution of ancillary criminal offenses, such as immigration fraud and visa fraud, and the seizure of the implements of such organizations and forfeiture of the proceeds of their criminal activity.

And from what General Flynn said in the video we are now a Constitutional Republic instead of a corporation now!

We are taking it all back! President Trump has done a lot of it already.

He has rescued countless children from sex trafficking and stopped traffickers, using our military and law enforcement.

If you take a look around you, you will notice that lots of weird things have been happening, like CEO’s stepping down, celebrities disappearing, politicians quitting – all because they were involved with human trafficking and corruption. Many were involved in doing unspeakable things to children themselves.

Banksters were corrupt, a lot of the military leadership was corrupt, corporation leadership was corrupt, politicians were corrupt, education, media, entertainment, sports, you name it. But a lot of progress has been made toward cleaning up the upper levels of leadership of these major areas of influence in society.

Now we have three armies working together! Now that the Ekklesia – the Church that knows our authority – is awake, we are working along with the earthly military and the Trump Administration in praying for them, and there are Angel Armies working with us not only in the heavenlies, but right here among us on Earth.

This is a war for the whole Earth. And people are awake around the world and are also working with the Trump Administration, and are protesting what has been happening in their countries. The Ekklesia is arising around the world and praying for God’s will to be done in this war. President Trump is known and loved around the world because he made the evil leaders capitulate to him, and they now have to do what he tells them to do. Just look at that first world tour he did when he became President and you’ll find out some very interesting information. The people of the world want to be free of the cabal, Deep State, New World Order globalists, luciferian, satanist, mafia cartels.

So lots of great things are coming in the next couple of weeks and months. Everything will be changing for the better! The best is yet to come! And nothing can stop what is coming!

General Flynn gives us another big clue right here!


We already have a President!!!

But keep praying, because this is how we fight. And get involved in local politics, government, top levels of whatever field you’re in, etc., so you can be an influencer and decision maker!

Bonus video with so much unknown history it will make your head spin! And cause for hope and great joy! And a call to war!


A few other great sources of great information:






Safe Haven Newsletter for March


Safe Haven News for March 2021

My latest blog post: A Prophetic Look at What’s Happening

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And now for my next trick —

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Well, enough about me. How are you all doing? Is 2021 starting to treat you any better than 2020 did? We are opening all the way up in Texas. Yay! Except Houston is still acting like there’s a mask mandate even though our governor cancelled it. It’s so disheartening seeing everybody covering up their beautiful faces and smiles for the sake of a fake pandemic.

Our family is doing well. Anna did have covid, but she has recovered nicely. She did get in touch with The Frontline Doctors and got HCQ from them. The rest of us have not had it. We are taking supplements and doing the usual healthy things. Our lifestyle was already pretty much home-based, so we haven’t had to change much. Gary doesn’t mind wearing a mask as much as I do. So he does most of the grocery shopping.

I have been struggling with Texas Cedar Fever. I finally found out that it’s the culprit for why I have gotten so sick every winter since we moved to Texas. I’m praying about how to recover from it so that I can spend more time awake than asleep!

I really enjoyed teaching the kids about St. Patrick this year and a little about the Irish Revival of 1859. I read from the book “Revival Fire” by Wesley Duewel. It’s a fascinating book about revivals and awakenings around the world.

If any of you are struggling with fear or need prayer about anything, please let me know, and I would love to pray for you.

Some people and prophets who are standing for the return of President Trump to the Presidency are Johnny Enlow, Jeff Jansen, Robin Bullock, Steve Shultz of Elijah List and Elijah Streams, Kat Kerr, and Mario Murillo. They have been so encouraging as we have taken our stand of faith in believing that God is not finished with the Plan he started with President Trump. He has not backed down from what He Prophesied through Kim Clement and many others that President Trump would have two terms. We are believing for amazing things to break open for all of us believers in Jesus.

So be encouraged! Great things are headed our way! Soon!

“May the road rise up to meet you.

May the wind be always at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face;

the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,

may God hold you in the palm of His hand.”

AND – May you have fair winds and following seas.

Thanks for visiting!

Penney Douglas

at Safe Haven Homeschooling

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My Author’s Page on Amazon for Books I’ve Written


I have written two books with accompanying journals so far.

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Be watching for them!

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Some Curriculum for Charlotte Mason- style Homeschooling


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A Prophetic Look at What’s Happening

A Prophetic Look at What’s Happening – Faith, Hope, and Prophecy!

Prophecies for 2020

Brought to You by the Letters P, Q, and R

Many prophetic words for last year – that year we were all so anxious to put behind us – included lots of words that start with the prefix re- which means “back to the original place; again, anew, once more,”  also with a sense of “undoing,” from Old French and from Latin re- “again, back, anew, against,”

  • Revive
  • Reset
  • Revelation
  • Restoration
  • Refreshing
  • Redemption
  • Revolution
  • Reformation
  • Restitution
  • Recompense
  • Renew
  • Reconciliation
  • Restart
  • Repentance
  • Remake
  • Realign
  • Recalibrate
  • Resurrection


Watch this clip from Cindy Jacobs:

This aligns with the word that Lana Vawser and many others were getting in the months leading up to 2020 that we were coming into a new era. Not just a new year, or a new decade or a new millennium, but a new era.

Watch this clip from Lana Vawser:

There is definitely going to be a Reset.

Man had a Plan for a Reset, using the “Pandemic of Coronavirus” as a pretext. Klaus Schwab and WEF World Economic Forum hatched an evil plan to keep us all enslaved.

Their Plan for us is summed up in these words: “You will own nothing and be happy.”

Watch this clip:


But God also had a Plan, a Brilliant Plan!

Watch this clip from Kim Clement:


I’ll tell you more about it later in this post.

Hint: It’s a better Plan than WEF’s Plan, and it’s a better RESET, too. We will be able to own stuff.

We Are Experiencing Something Biblical


Remember the Plagues in the Bible? Well, we have had some plagues during 2020.
Talk about a Plague! Covid-19! They sure treated it like one anyway. The coronavirus has been treated like a pandemic that would kill millions of Americans. It didn’t. But they are still acting like it did.


It was created on purpose and even patented, though you’ll have a hard time getting past the Fact Checkers to verify this. I recommend finding everything you can on the virus from The Epoch Times, Dr. Judy Mikovits (find out what she reveals about Anthony Fauci too), the movie Plandemic, and any other source besides mainstream media. They will not tell the truth about anything and they censor everything that does tell the truth. Don’t trust mainstream media, whatever you do!

Prophet Tracy Cooke saw a vision of the virus being made in Wuhan, China, and told Sid Roth about it in March of 2020. He had the vision before anyone had heard of a coronavirus pandemic, a couple of months prior to this video:


The CCP and some other New World Order operatives have been planning to do this to us for a long time. They have been doing test runs like Event 201. https://centerforhealthsecurity.org/event201/

Now Chinese Communists are in charge of our elections in the US, at least some of our power grids, our state of Georgia and its politicians, and many other American politicians. Read The Epoch Times to find out more about the CCP.

Another Biblical event has been repeated in 2020.

Passover – In his book, Time to Defeat the Devil, Chuck Pierce talks about the spiritual significance of Passover. He prophesied in 2020 that we would have a Passover like the first Passover. And he was right! Not only was Israel locked up in their houses during the Passover, the whole world was in lockdown because of Covid! We were told to stay home and not leave our houses. They called it “Shelter in Place”, quarantine, and lockdown. All because of this Plague they had unleashed on us.

He wrote another book called The Passover Prophecies, and I highly recommend it if you want to know what has happened and what will happen next.

Last year and this year’s Passover are very significant prophetically. We Christians were always meant to celebrate Passover and connect it to Jesus’ sacrifice and His Blood. Chuck talks about that quite a bit in his book Time to Defeat the Devil.

Power in the Blood

I recommend reading and studying the Power in the Blood of Jesus. There are many books about it. Gary Beaton has some good videos about it on YouTube, too.

The Red Sea

Another prophetic Biblical event that seems to be repeating now is like a Red Sea crossing for the church. Robin Bullock tells us about some Plagues that have been happening and then he tells us about a time of Moses and a Red Sea moment in this clip with Elijah Streams founder, Steve Shultz.



We are experiencing another R- word that has been very unpleasant. Rebellion has raised its ugly head in many ways during 2020. Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Riots, and Trump Derangement Syndrome!

Anti-Trumpers, Never-Trumpers, Liberals – all afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome – can’t see what God is doing or hear what He’s saying. Many can’t see what Trump accomplished. They blame and accuse him falsely. Christians say he’s too proud and arrogant and crude and rude. They don’t like his tweets. They say he lost the elections because God warned him to humble himself, and he refused to. Or they say he’s too immoral and has too many wives and too terrible a past. Or they say that Christians didn’t do their job well enough. They say we didn’t repent or intercede enough. Or that we worshipped Trump and put him in the place of God, so God wouldn’t let him win the election. Then many demanded that the prophets who said that Trump would win the 2020 election apologize for being wrong!
That’s Ridiculous! He did win! It’s obvious that the election was stolen. It’s obvious that he won by a landslide. There was massive fraud. This is just crazy!

God’s Plan is coming to pass!

Patriots and Prophets and Patriotic Christians comingle –

There will be a tremendous harvest of souls into the Kingdom. Many of the Patriots are good-hearted, righteous people who are not yet in the Kingdom. They will now come into the Kingdom. There are at least 73 million who are fighting for goodness, righteousness, freedom, and justice to return to this nation and corruption to be rooted out. There will be a harvest of unsaved Patriots.


The Plan that Kim Clement spoke of – the brilliant Plan that could have only come from God. He downloaded it to the Q team. Trust the Plan, because it’s God’s Plan!


What is The PLAN that God downloaded to the Q team?

Watch this clip and you might get a clue:

Promises and Prophecies come to pass through NESARA and GESARA

National Economic Security and Reformation Act

Global Economic Security and Reformation Act

Watch this clip starting around 37:39 to learn more about NESARA/GESARA:


Watch the whole thing if you want to know more about all that is involved in what President Trump and the Q team have been involved in for the last 4 years.

They’ve done it all for:

The children and for humanity.

Reset, Restoration, Restitution, Reformation and everything is changing in this new era. I’d say many of the Prophets were right on the money!

For more information about what God is doing during these times follow Johnny Enlow, Jeff Jansen, Robin Bullock, Elijah Streams, Kat Kerr, Flashpoint from Victory TV on YouTube, Hank Kunneman, Nathan French, Manuel Johnson, and Amy Sever. They are on the cutting edge. And they know that:

The Best is Yet to Come!!!

P.S. A little teaser for what my next post will be about – another R word – REPUBLIC!