What Are You Focusing On?

I did a Facebook Live about the premise that we can get as close to God as we want to. And we can have as much of God as we want. We decide what we will do with our time and attention. We decide how much time we spend in the Word of God, how much time in prayer and worship every day. How we develop ourselves here during our time on Earth will set up the way we will be when we live in Heaven. The results of our heart work here and now are eternal.

Let’s get as close to God as we can and become as much like Him as we can.

It’s up to us how much of God we want in our lives.



I read from a devotional from Candice Simmons who, along with her husband, Brian Simmons have written The Passion Translation of the New Testament and are working on the books of the Old Testament. She also included paragraphs from their book “Throne Room Prayer”.

The Passion Translation is an amazing translation of the Bible that will bring the Bible to life and help you to understand things in a way that were unclear and confusing in other translations.

Please watch my video below and be inspired and challenged to get closer to God every day and become more like Him all the time and get as much of Him as you can possibly have!


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