The Journey to Home Sweet Home


Gary and I are in a season where he has to drive to a city 4 hours away to work, so he has to stay there all week and come home on weekends. I’m grateful that he at least gets to come home on weekends. That might be changing soon, and he won’t even be able to come home that often.

We are truly practicing the admonition written on the door above. I am doing my best to make our home and myself a welcoming place for him to come home to each weekend. And he has been a joy to spend time with during the precious few hours we have together.

We still have some not-so-great times, but we’re learning to deal with things and clear them up quickly so that no time is wasted.

He just walked out the door to drive to Dallas again. I prayed over him, and we reluctantly said good-bye again.

But I am thankful that we have gotten to such a good place in our relationship that he truly is glad to come home and he makes me sorry to see him leave.


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