The Pro-Life Message on My Wrists

I wear a red wrist band on my right wrist. I’ve been wearing it there for almost 7 years now. I got it the first time we went to IHOP when we visited there on our way to Arizona. We were starting out on our Journey of Fire. We had no idea what lay ahead. But a man from IHOP gave us these wrist bands so we could stand up for life and proclaim the pro-life message wherever we go. The word “LIFE” is engraved in this red wrist band. When we ended up back in Kansas City after we found out that Arizona was not where the Lord wanted us to settle, we went to the Sunday morning meetings at IHOP’s FCF (Forerunner Christian Fellowship).

There we said the LIFE prayer every Sunday morning: Jesus, I plead your blood over my sins and the sins of my nation. God, end abortion and send revival to America.

As I said that prayer, I always held onto my LIFE band.

Just yesterday, I received another wrist adornment that I consider a pro-life message just as much as my LIFE band. I got a birthstone bracelet that is called a Mother’s Bracelet. It displays all of the birthstones of my children – all 10 of them. I gave that area of our lives to the Lord and He blessed us exceedingly abundantly above all that I could ask or think. I gave him our womb.

These children are my greatest blessing in life after my salvation (relationship with God) and my husband. I’m very thankful to have many blessings. When I look at my bracelet and see these stones, I see each of my children. It reminds me of the breastplate that the priests of Israel wore that carried the stones that represented each of the tribes of Israel. He wore it close to his heart. I wear mine on my wrist. It makes it easy for me to look down and see them and think about each of my children many times throughout the day. And of course, I pray for them when I think about them.

Yesterday, I showed the youngest ones which stones represented them on the bracelet. They were happy to see that each of them had their own stone on my bracelet. Even though we have four birthdays in January, each of these children has their own garnet on my bracelet. I hope this makes them feel special and unique. They each have their own place on my bracelet and in my heart.

I posted pictures of my new bracelet on Facebook, and lots of people liked it. I got it from Custom Bracelets by Lisa, by the way. Abby heard me talking about how many people like my new bracelet, and she said, “And the green one is me!”

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