Good Tidings of Great Joy!

We got a lead on a house that has over 3000 square feet.  The man we contacted about it told Gary that we couldn’t live in that house because we had too many children!!!   Gary called some agencies of the city of York and found out that the addendums to that rule state that if the children are all your own children, that rule doesn’t hold and square footage of the house makes a difference, and a den can qualify as another bedroom.  He called the guy back and told him what he found out.  The guy called Gary back, rather apologetically, and said that he’s not well-versed in these things, and that he sees the worst of situations in his business and hardly ever sees a family with our situation where all of the children are our natural-born children.

He is very eager to show us the house as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, he is out of town and won’t be back until tomorrow.  I have an appointment to go see the house at 11:00 tomorrow morning.  I think this is it!

It looks like we’ll be able to be in the house by tomorrow or Friday!

Our moving truck is sitting outside of our hotel room just waiting to be unloaded into our new house.  And the house is only 10 minutes from here!

So everything is looking WAY better today.

Another praise:  I went to rent a van so we could go see the house and do a few other things (like eat out) and I asked for a mini-van or SUV.  I had previously mentioned the fact that we had 10 kids.  He pointed out the window and said, “I know something that would work even better for you.   That 15-passenger van just came back.”  I couldn’t believe it.  Those things are so hard to get a hold of.  It had come back in moments before we walked in and nobody else had reserved it.  So we got a 15-passenger van for the same price as a mini-van!

I am so grateful for the way God is moving for us.  I knew He would.  I just wondered when.

Grandpa came to visit us at our hotel in York! He drove the last leg of the journey. Nelson's leg is sore from sliding on ice and straining his whole leg. He packed and loaded our stuff and drove 3 hours in a terrible snowstorm through Indiana with a very sore leg. He has to walk with a crutch. But he is a very determined and faithful friend! Dad saw his condition and offered to drive the truck the rest of the way. So we get a visit with Grandpa as well as all of our stuff that will fill our NEW HOUSE!

Eating Grandma’s fudge. Grandma sent a care package with Grandpa. Of course, it contained FUDGE!

Nelson icing his foot in his hotel room. It's getting better! He is full of faith and rejoicing with us that God is providing our house.
Abby and Kelsey played beauty shop.

Silly pictures – the LAST ones at the hotel!

Anna and Patrick went out to see the lunar eclipse. This is the picture they brought back from it.

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  1. I am so happy you all are looking at a house tomorrow! I have a Christmas card for you so let me know your address when you get it and it will be on its way! 🙂 I miss you friend and I hope you are enjoying PA! 🙂

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