A Prayer for Homeschoolers

A Prayer for homeschoolers: 1-2-17

We Pray for homeschool families, parents, marriages, kids, wisdom in teaching each child and leading them in the way they should go. Protect homeschooling itself from those who oppose it and try to take away our rights to do it. We Pray for freedom to do it as we see fit.

We Pray for wisdom and understanding for each mother to hear God’s voice and prophetically parent their children so that they will prepare their children for their calling and election. Raise up these children to become leaders on the mountains they are called to.

Strengthen marriages and relationships within families. Protect families from attacks by the enemy.

Give homeschooling moms wisdom in leading their children to real relationship and intimacy with God.

Help the moms to only seek to please God, not man. We Pray that homeschool moms would allow no intimidation, no comparison or competition – only God’s will for their children.

That they would have wisdom and discernment as they study each child’s personality, learning style, interests, strengths, abilities, and needs.

We pray for the right friends and relationships outside of the family. Everything that shapes and influences them to train and prepare them for their calling. For them to have the courage of their conviction, to be fully equipped and strong in the Lord and the power of His might. To walk in love, in truth, in the Spirit and in power.

That they would not be pulled away by the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye, or the pride of life. Give them a hunger for the Word, for righteousness and for truth. And a love for God and His ways. And a love for others. For the fruits of the Spirit and gifts of the Spirit to operate in their lives. Discernment, wisdom, understanding, humility, and love to abide in their lives in abundance.

Prayer for My Son


Show my son, Lord,
Who You are.
So he knows You up close
Not from afar.

Deliver him from doubts
And wounds and fear.
Shout to him, Lord
That You are here.

Lead him in the way
That he should go.
Reveal Your will,
So his purpose he’ll know.

Appear to him
In all Your glory.
Prove to him
You’re more than a story.

Come along beside him
As a faithful friend
Closer than a brother
Loyal to the end.

Give him strength and courage
To fight the good fight.
Help him to keep his post
Through the darkest night.

Grant unto him
The desires of his heart.
Bless him and fill him
With goodness to impart.

Saturate him
With Your love.
Give him wisdom
From above.

Anoint his head, Lord,
Fill his cup.
Shine light from his eyes
As he lifts his face up.

Wherever he goes
Make him salt and light
To rescue the perishing
Through Your power and might.

Use his gifts
Empower his hands
To perform Your works
Throughout the lands.

Let love be his trademark
And honor his creed
His life his sacred pledge
To help those in need.