In Lieu of Halloween We Do Freedom Day

As a Christian mom, trying to decide what to do about Halloween can be difficult. We know about the origins of the holiday. We know about the terrible practices of occult groups on that night. When I think about those things I feel more like grieving and praying than celebrating.

I prayed about it and decided to do something altogether different. I knew that some Christians celebrate Martin Luther’s birthday and the Reformation, and some have Harvest parties at churches. But I feel that the Lord led us to celebrate something that we feel very strongly about. And that is FREEDOM!

The link at the top of this post is to a video on in which I explain some of the things we do to celebrate Freedom Day. I have also written other posts on my blog about Freedom Day under the category, Freedom Day.

My younger kids are excitedly preparing their lists of questions for me to ask them on Freedom Day. I have already bought lots of CANDY. They are counting down the days until Oct. 31. I have read some books about Freedom to them. We talk about how important Freedom is. One of the very important Freedoms that we have in this country is Freedom of Religion. Another is Freedom of Speech. And under these Freedoms, we have Freedom to homeschool our children. Woohoo, one of our favorites!

Please watch the above video, and leave a comment. Do you think this is something your family would like to do instead of Halloween? Would your kids like to try this? What do you think?

All of you, have a wonderful Autumn!

Enjoy the changing seasons and the winds of change that God is sending as things get better and better!

Autumn blessings to all of you!

Making Groundhog Pancakes

It’s Groundhog Day! So I decided we should celebrate!

So we made Groundhog Pancakes.

groundhog pancake Emma's

This one is Emma’s.

groundhog pancake Abby's

This one is Abby’s.

groundhog pancake full Abby

Abby kept building hers.

groundhog Emma eating

Emma decided, “Enough building. Let’s eat!”

groundhog pancake Kelsey's

This is Kelsey’s creative groundhog.

Groundhog Day all 3 girls

Happy Groundhog Day from the Douglas girls!

Family Fun in Ohio in the Middle of March

My dad had a stroke at the end of February, right before his 80th birthday.

I needed to go see him and help in any way I could.

So 7 of the kids and I piled into the van and drove for 2 days to go visit the grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins. We stayed for almost 2 weeks.

My brother and sister and their families really made the time special for my kids.

kids of 4 wheelers


Keith Hawkey Family



me and joe

Emma and umbrella back

Emma and umbrella front

Morgan green shirt

All of us in green

all of us in green with me

Fiona in the woods

mom and dad irish shirts

Emma and Abby in green dresses

 Kelsey kept our traditions even though we were far from home.


She made green eggs and ham – which Patrick enjoyed immensely!

And she also made green lemon squares. Yum!

Green lemon squares

Patrick and fish

Garrett and Cody Fishing

Kelsey swimmin in it

Patrick and Cody sunbeam