Chrysalis Now!

The caterpillar was halfway through the chryalis-making process before I saw what was happening. But I started filming it as soon as I could. So we see it still shedding the old skin and doing the wiggle jiggle dance. And I explain the process that the caterpillar goes through in changing into a Monarch butterfly. Fun for kids to watch!

Very Hungry Caterpillar Emergency

We have lots of Very Hungry Caterpillars! The caterpillars are tangled together because of the lack of leaves. What will I do? I will send my sons after another Tropical Milkweed Plant. Help is on the way!

We have 13 caterpillars all together. So we will have many Monarch butterflies in a week or so! The cycle begins again! But I must feed them all they need so they can continue the process. I will keep you posted when the first one actually makes a chrysalis.

Caterpillar Wars!

My caterpillars are running out of food! They are all fighting for the few leaves that are left on the plant. One caterpillar is in a “J” and another one is eating the leaf right out from under him. Should I interfere and move the hungry caterpillar that is threatening the “J”?

14 caterpillars and one bedraggled plant with only about 6 leaves. What can I do to save them from starvation? Find out in the next videos.

Excitement at the Caterpillar Farm

We have lots of caterpillars and our first “J”. There are 14 caterpillars on the plant and not enough leaves left! What will I do? Find out in the next videos!

The Day We Went Mad for Monarchs

We went to Brazos Bend State Park for an event called Monarch Madness. It rained the whole time we were there, but Gary took the girls into the Nature Center, and they petted caterpillars, a baby alligator, and a snake!

I talked to some people who are as crazy as I am about caterpillars and butterflies at the first table we stopped at, so I didn’t see much else there. But I found out some interesting things that I didn’t already know. The lady I talked with was starting a butterfly garden for her town. She had very bad luck with Monarch caterpillars this year. She had 25 in a row that had OE spore which kept them from being able to eclose (which means emerge) from their chrysalises. She raised other caterpillars instead. The town had provided money for plants and flowers that caterpillars and butterflies like to eat or get nectar from. We had a nice conversation while Gary took the girls around. Then it started raining really hard. And it got really crowded under the eaves, so our conversation was cut short.

Abby saw some insect and butterfly and moth collections, so now she wants to make one of her own. So we are trying to get a box put together for that.

New ideas and inspirations and projects came from the day we went mad for Monarchs!