The Day We Went Mad for Monarchs

We went to Brazos Bend State Park for an event called Monarch Madness. It rained the whole time we were there, but Gary took the girls into the Nature Center, and they petted caterpillars, a baby alligator, and a snake!

I talked to some people who are as crazy as I am about caterpillars and butterflies at the first table we stopped at, so I didn’t see much else there. But I found out some interesting things that I didn’t already know. The lady I talked with was starting a butterfly garden for her town. She had very bad luck with Monarch caterpillars this year. She had 25 in a row that had OE spore which kept them from being able to eclose (which means emerge) from their chrysalises. She raised other caterpillars instead. The town had provided money for plants and flowers that caterpillars and butterflies like to eat or get nectar from. We had a nice conversation while Gary took the girls around. Then it started raining really hard. And it got really crowded under the eaves, so our conversation was cut short.

Abby saw some insect and butterfly and moth collections, so now she wants to make one of her own. So we are trying to get a box put together for that.

New ideas and inspirations and projects came from the day we went mad for Monarchs!

In Lieu of Halloween We Do Freedom Day

As a Christian mom, trying to decide what to do about Halloween can be difficult. We know about the origins of the holiday. We know about the terrible practices of occult groups on that night. When I think about those things I feel more like grieving and praying than celebrating.

I prayed about it and decided to do something altogether different. I knew that some Christians celebrate Martin Luther’s birthday and the Reformation, and some have Harvest parties at churches. But I feel that the Lord led us to celebrate something that we feel very strongly about. And that is FREEDOM!

The link at the top of this post is to a video on in which I explain some of the things we do to celebrate Freedom Day. I have also written other posts on my blog about Freedom Day under the category, Freedom Day.

My younger kids are excitedly preparing their lists of questions for me to ask them on Freedom Day. I have already bought lots of CANDY. They are counting down the days until Oct. 31. I have read some books about Freedom to them. We talk about how important Freedom is. One of the very important Freedoms that we have in this country is Freedom of Religion. Another is Freedom of Speech. And under these Freedoms, we have Freedom to homeschool our children. Woohoo, one of our favorites!

Please watch the above video, and leave a comment. Do you think this is something your family would like to do instead of Halloween? Would your kids like to try this? What do you think?

All of you, have a wonderful Autumn!

Enjoy the changing seasons and the winds of change that God is sending as things get better and better!

Autumn blessings to all of you!