Spontaneous, Serendipitous, Sporadic Homeschooling

It’s good to plan your days and your homeschooling days and maybe even year. But a lot of learning happens accidentally. Or unexpectedly. Or differently from the way you planned it.

A lot of it will happen in a spontaneous, serendipitous, sporadic way. And that’s the best way. The learning sticks better when it’s real. It automatically applies to their interests and what catches their attention, so it goes deeper and makes a bigger impression. So don’t think you have to be all organized, planned, structured, and have it all together to do homeschool right. Your style may be more like mine. And it works! But make sure your kids do okay that way, too. Adapt to your kids. If they need more structure because of a learning preference, then you may need to go against your own preferences and do what your kids need.

But sometimes life takes our choices and options away. Then you have to adjust the best that you can. And God will help you to do it in the way that works best for your family.

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Spontaneous, Serendipitous, Sporadic homeschooling. Yep! That's my style.

Posted by Changed By Love on Thursday, August 2, 2018

My Mom is Singing with the Angels



My Mom really is singing with the angels. I heard her!

I walked into the ladies’ prayer meeting Thursday night and they were listening to a worship service where angels joined in the singing. The people there heard extra voices that were not coming from the worship team! And when the ladies explained to me what we were listening to, my immediate thought was “I hear my Mom in there”. My Mom was a jubilant worshiper and praiser. It would be just like her to join the angels as they burst in on a gathering of earth people as they praised the Lord real good.

So I have a new appreciation for the phrase “singing with the angels”. And I love to picture my Mom that way. She always, always loved to sing. That’s one of the things I remember about her most.

I’m so happy that she can sing again – and her voice is more heavenly than ever!

Hormonal Moms Dealing with Big Changes and Transitions – There is Hope!

Hormonal moms dealing with changes and big transitions. There is hope!

Posted by Changed By Love on Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Women Who Walked With Jesus


Today I have the awesome privilege of writing a guest post for a series called Biblical Women of Influence at Angel Penn‘s blog at www.angelpenn.com.


So Many Mary’s!

Can you imagine walking with Jesus when He lived on earth? I would have loved that! I should have been named Mary.

I could have been Mary, the mother of Jesus. Now there’s a woman who played no small part in Jesus’ life. She carried Him in her womb, gave birth to Him, nourished Him, and taught Him to walk and talk and use good manners. She probably taught Him to pray and instructed Him in the ways of God and told Him about the things God did for the children of Israel. She may have led Him to faith in God!

There’s no doubt that she had a great influence on the greatest Man who ever lived.

For instance, there’s the time that Mary insisted that Jesus do a miracle at the Wedding at Cana when they ran out of wine. That turned out to be a good thing – the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry.

She had a mother’s influence over her son. I’m sure she loved Him as no other. Her love probably gave Him strength and courage to endure all that He went through in His life. His mother had extravagant love for Him.

To read the rest of this post please go to Angel Penn’s blog at www.angelpenn.com

Why Do Men Sometimes Seem Unresponsive to Their Wives?

Why do men seem unresponsive to their wives sometimes?

Posted by Penney Hawkey Douglas on Saturday, May 19, 2018