Waiting Til Beyond the Last Minute

Well, I got a phone call from the owner of the house we looked at Wednesday night. Somebody made an offer last night, so he’s selling the house to them. So we’re back to the drawing board. We still don’t have a house to move to. I haven’t heard from the owner of this house yet, but I hope he calls or emails soon.

If not, I just trust God to make things work out so that we don’t have some kind of confrontation with him or the property management group. I’ll just trust God, knowing that all of this is in His hands, and He does things in His own timing- Certainly not mine!

Waiting Til the Last Minute

Well, we are still waiting and it’s only 2 days until Aug. 1, the day we were supposed to be out of this house.

Two days ago, I reached a point of frustration that had me fretting and yelling. I was racking my brain trying to figure out how to find houses for rent. I was really upset, but I kept sensing that I was just supposed to get on my knees and pray. As soon as I hit my knees, I remembered a website and a house that I had emailed about over a month ago. I thought, “I wonder if that house is still available?”

We had done everything we could do to find another house to rent. I was all stressed-out and worried about the owner of this house coming to his house with his moving truck full of his stuff and finding us still here. We haven’t been able to get in touch with him because the management group never gave us his contact number. We found out his name a while back and we knew he was an Air Force captain, but that’s all we knew.

Well, last night we went to look at the house that I emailed about over a month ago. Miraculously, it is still available. It’s out in the country and seems like it will work out really well for us. It has 3 bedrooms upstairs and 4 rooms in the basement that they can’t call bedrooms, but they could easily be used as bedrooms. After we got home from looking at it, I realized that each of our older kids could have his/her own room.

We have to wait and find out if another family who looked at it before we did wants to buy it. They are supposed to let the owner know by tomorrow.

Speaking of the owner, he is a captain in the Air Force. It took a while, but I finally realized that the Lord was telling me to ask him how to get in touch with the owner of this house that we’re in.

This morning I got an email from him that told me that he emailed the captain and gave him my email address and cell phone number and asked him to contact me. So now we will be able to explain to him what happened.

The first time I talked to the owner of the house we looked at last night, I told him what happened with the other house and then he told me that he was planning to get a property manager to handle the rental if his house didn’t sell. We found out that he was planning to hire the same group that we had problems with. He said that he had problems with the same person not getting back in touch with him in a timely manner. So he decided to go with a different property manager.

So we have had lots of connections and serendipities with this man. He said that he has had lots of prospective buyers look at his house and the realtor can’t figure out why it hasn’t sold. We think maybe we know why.

I don’t know why I let myself get all upset about all of this. Each time I prayed, the Lord gave me some instruction that helped us get closer to a solution. All the time I spent thinking and spinning my wheels, and especially the time I spent yelling 🙂 was wasted time. I should have committed this to the Lord even when my plans were going awry. I think the reason I was so upset is that I made such sweet plans and they all got ruined. So that made me mad. I’m not usually a big control freak. But this time I was at least a little one.

It Seemed Like Such a Simple Plan – MY Plan

I was planning to write a post bewailing the fact that everything always has to be so hard. Nothing ever just falls into place for us. We always have to wait and wait and wait until the victory comes.

We had it all planned out. We would move our stuff out of this house and have all the kids set up in our new house, then I could come back to this house and clean it and it would actually stay clean because the kids wouldn’t be here. We were going to do it calmly and methodically, step by step and it was going to be wonderful. But my plans fell through with a crash when the house we chose and put down a deposit for and paid for half a month’s rent was never cleaned and made ready for us as we had been promised it would. We finally had to get out of the contract, and now the houses that we saw online that would work for us have all been taken.

We are in a pickle. I’ve been emailing, calling, going to see houses and trying to figure out what to do for the last week. So I was going to write about it and complain. But then I read this article on Robin’s Heart of Wisdom blog. I now realize that I got caught in the do-dos again. As many times as I have had to wait on God and depend on Him, you would think I would have learned by now that the best thing I can do in a crisis is to wait before the Lord in prayer and ask Him to move on our behalf. Shawn was telling me this last night, but I wasn’t in the mood to hear it. Now I get it. So instead of writing a whiny blog post, I’m going to get down on my knees right now and do the most effective work I can do to bring about our solution.

The Saga Continues

We still don’t have a new house to move into. I thought we had found the “perfect” house, similar to the “dog” house, but clean and fresh and well-taken-care-of. It looked wonderful. We all liked it, the ones who were there anyway. But then we saw it – animal hair!!! Aaaaah! Anna noticed some in a vent. Then Gary said he saw a lot in the garage. Then I admitted that I saw some on the welcome mat. Not a welcome sight! We still held out hope that somehow the house could have been pet-free and that somehow all that hair just materialized out of thin air in all of those places. But Gary started having problems breathing, then his eyes started itching. Then he knew the truth. The previous tenants must have had a cat. The worst of all pets for him since he’s so allergic to them. I’m starting to really dislike indoor pets. I never wanted them myself, but now I’m starting to wish nobody had them. They are keeping me from getting the house I need.

I don’t know how other people feel, but shouldn’t the health and comfort of people be more important than having your pet inside?

Present house we're renting
Present house we're renting
This house is for rent.  I wonder if they had pets in it...
This house is for rent. I wonder if they had pets in it...
Id like to live in the country but...
I'd like to live in the country but...
Now thats more like it!
Now that's more like it!