My Heart, His Garden

I planted a garden today.

My new flower bed

I helped Garrett plant his garden a couple of weeks ago.




Garden is the theme of the hour.

God is telling us to go back to the garden.

As I said before, so many things can be compared to a garden that I became overwhelmed with the enormity of the task of writing about a garden. I felt that the Lord was leading me to write about a garden, but I didn’t know which aspect of a garden He wanted me to address.

I think I have gotten some clarity on that now.

God delights in gardens and views each of his children as a garden.

My heart of hearts is a garden. It is God’s garden.

I meet Him there sometimes when I worship wholeheartedly.

When I enter into His presence.

Do you know what I mean when I say that I feel God’s presence when I worship?

Have you experienced a peace that passes understanding, a love that encompasses everyone around you and all that you know, as you focus on the Lord and His majesty, as you picture Him seated on the throne and the angels bowing before Him in worship and feel His holiness and power emanating from the throne?

There is a song by Misty Edwards that beautifully describes the secret garden inside of each of us where God will meet with us alone, if we will meet Him there. This takes some time, effort and Holy Spirit-inspired and empowered prayer to really enter into. If you are not aware that it’s even a possibility, you may never attempt to meet with the Lord in the secret garden of your heart.

Here is that song with some pictures of gardens to help inspire your imagination of what a garden inside of your heart might look like.

Adam and Eve walked and talked with God in the coolness of the day in the Garden of Eden.

They lost access to the garden when they sinned. Hence, all of mankind lost access to it. But after Jesus died and carried our sins away, He gave us access to the Father again. We can have relationship and fellowship with God, His Father – our Father – because the veil that separated us from Him is no longer there. The veil was ripped from top to bottom when Jesus was crucified.

Now we can walk with God in the cool of the day again.

We can meet with Him in the garden by worshiping Him and praying. We stay there until we sense His presence. We listen for His voice. We get revelation from Him. Then we carry that revelation with us as we go into our daily activities.

But we never really have to leave His presence. He lives inside of us, so we take His presence with us wherever we go.

We must do our part. If you have the baptism of the Holy Spirit, you must really exercise your spiritual gifts that come with that and pray in your prayer language. Often. Every day. Not just every once in a while.

In this way, we can war from the garden, from the inside out.

And we can take the land or territory that God has told us to as we spent that time with Him in the garden of our heart of hearts.

You Be You, I’ll Be Me

different tea cups

I am me. You are you. She is she.

And the converse is true.

I am not you. You are not me. And she is not you or me.

What am I saying?

God has made each of us unique.

So why do we compare ourselves to each other?

I will not do things the way you do them. I don’t want to do them the way you do them.

I do not see things the way you see them.

It’s okay. I am me. And you are you.

I discovered something while teaching my kids how to drive. I noticed things that they didn’t notice as I was looking in the same direction that they were. In some cases, I saw things that I wished they had been paying attention to, like the brake lights on the car ahead of us!

But in other cases, they noticed things that I didn’t see that helped us get to where we needed to go.

At first, some of them noticed nice cars that they liked all around us. That drove me bananas! I couldn’t believe they were paying attention to such insignificant, unimportant things when they should be paying attention to the road ahead of them, the traffic, and making sure they were in the right lane to get to where we needed to go.

As they got more experience, they started to learn about what they really needed to be paying attention to. Some near misses, some exclamations from me, some honks from other drivers, missing exits that we should have taken, and getting lost helped them to realize that they needed to pay more attention to their driving than to the nice cars around them.

They learned how to drive safely. But they don’t do it exactly the way I would.

They learned the most important skills and what really deserved their attention while they were driving. They still don’t notice the same things I do as we’re driving along. But they take care of the important things now.

There are some things that we all need to pay attention to. You and me and she all have to do some of the same basic things, like take care of ourselves, our families and our houses.

But the way we do these things will vary with our priorities, our interests, our goals, and our personalities.

My way is not the right way.

Neither is yours!

OK, I’ll be me – you be you.

I’ll take ideas and inspiration from the things you do and the way you do them.

And you can see if there’s anything I’m doing that you may want to try.

But do it your way. The way that works for you and your family.



Taking Charge of Your Own Life

If you want to live a life free of undue pressure and guilt, pray about making these declarations to yourself:

I’m not trying to impress anybody.

I’m not trying to live up to anybody else’s expectations.

I’m not going to take on false responsibility.

If it’s not really my responsibility, I’m not going to feel responsible for it.

I’m not going to feel pressured by somebody else to do something that I don’t want to do.

I won’t try to shame or pressure my kids to do something just because I would like for them to do it when they reach the age that they can decide for themselves what they will do. This age is upper teens, when they start driving and are past the age of accountability.

Mothers, God is Pleased With Your Work!

I remember when the Lord gave me the revelation that He was pleased with the work I did with my children. All the way down to changing diapers and feeding them, dressing them and holding and hugging them. He let me know that He was very happy and smiling upon me as He watched me take care of my children. He gave us this important job to do, and He will equip us. We can stop our whirling thoughts for a minute or two and meditate or pray or worship. It takes an effort. It takes casting down imaginations. But we can do it!

Some of us go through a time when we have many young ones (or just one or two young ones) when we feel that maybe our time could be spent better elsewhere, doing something more important, at least more fulfilling. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and frustrated with the same old, same old of taking care of little ones that we can’t really hold a decent conversation with.

I went through several years of such feelings and thoughts. And it was very hard to find time to just be alone with God. The children demanded (and sometimes I just thought they did) so much of my time and attention. But I learned to pray in the midst of the work. I prayed in the Spirit often because it was too hard to really focus and think about what I should pray.

And then one day, the Lord broke through my whirling thoughts and conflicting desires and spoke to me. He told me that He was pleased with me when I changed my baby’s diaper. It meant a lot to Him! What? Really? He went on to tell me that all of the little things I did in caring for my children blessed Him and made Him happy.

Oh, that really changed the way I looked at the whole daily grind of taking care of many little ones. I knew the meaning of doing everything as unto the Lord. I realized that it really meant something to Him, so then it meant more to me, too. It couldn’t be just anyone taking care of these little mundane tasks involved in their care. It had to be me, because I wanted to be the one receiving the blessing and giving the blessing, not only to my child but also to God. After that, motherhood became much more meaningful.

I hope this blesses you, and helps you to see the value and importance of mothering today.

God is pleased with your work! He is smiling upon you and your children. Receive His warmth and love for you today!