Kelsey’s Birthday Party from Shawn’s Perspective

I’m so excited about this! Shawn did what I’ve been wanting him to do for a long time. He took our semi-exciting video of our very exciting birthday party for Kelsey and turned it into a totally entertaining, creative and ultra-exciting fun video for all to watch.

Watch this!

Thank you, Shawn!

Please leave comments to tell Shawn what a great job he did. 🙂

Super Big Sunday


Abby and Emma are excited about Abby’s dedication. We dedicate all of our babies to the Lord. But with all of the moving around we did during the last 5 years (her whole life), we never got settled at any church long enough to do it with Abby. So I decided to have her dedicated at our church that we’ve found that we really like, New Life Church in Houston, even though she is already 5 years old, almost 6.


I found this dress at Goodwill. I got accessories to go with it at Walmart.



After church, we went home and Kelsey continued to prepare the treats for her birthday party.




She made all of the treats based on video games that the kids have all played. These cupcakes are based on Starcraft. They have minerals on top of them, like the ones they mine in the game.



These are gas geysers from Starcraft.



These are Piranha Plants from Mario Brothers.


This is the kind of cake that the friends in Animal Crossing give to each other for their birthdays.




These stars are from Mario Brothers.


We had quite a spread!



Protoman is ready to party!



Yum, can we eat yet?




It’s finally time to start the party. And she’s on the phone.


Any day now…


Morgan is cool.



Grandma and Grandpa are ready for this party to start.


Abby is on a sugar high.



We were all amazed at all of the things that Kelsey made. We all took pictures of them.


We surprised Kelsey with the thing she wanted most of all. The Limited Edition Legend of Zelda Wii U. She was very excited. She screamed!!! You can watch her reaction here:

Letter to Your Thirteen Year Old Son

This was shared on Facebook by Jimmy Brown.

I plan to read it to my son, Morgan, on his 13th birthday this New Year’s Eve. We do a sort of Bar Mitzvah type of ceremony on our sons’ 13th birthday and pronounce a blessing on him. We pray over him and proclaim the good things we have seen developing in his life and character. This list will be perfect for instruction and blessing on that day.


Thirteen Things I Want You To Know On Your 13th Birthday

13. Strive to excel, but not at the expense of others. Do your best and give your all; just don’t trample on others along the way.

12. Whatever happens next, whatever you do in life, you will always be my son. I love you! No. Matter. What.

11. You are blessed to be a blessing. Use your God-given abilities and resources to do good to others. Don’t wait for someone to ask for your help, just take the initiative and do it.

10. Respect others. Show honor to others even if you don’t agree with them or even like them. Respect says more about the giver than the receiver. So does a lack of it.

9. Think before you speak and speak after you think. Your words can and will have life-impacting effect upon others. Use them to build others up instead of to tear them down.

8. Not everyone is going to be like you, but that doesn’t mean you should treat them badly. People who are different are still people. Treat them like you want them to treat you.

7. Purity is the best wedding gift you can give your bride. Look for a wife who will exchange that same gift back with you.

6. No one in life owes you anything that you didn’t earn. Don’t think that you have a right to something “just because”. Entitlement is an excuse for not putting in the effort.

5. When adversity slaps you across the face, slap it back. Difficult times will come. When they do, don’t give up. Don’t you ever give up.

4. Show people that you care about them. Never leave a loving word unsaid. Today is the day to let others know you appreciate them.

3. The goal is the “right” thing, not the “popular”, “easy” or “justifiable” thing. Never let anyone pressure you into choosing wrong over right, nor into settling for good over better.

2. There is an opportunity cost in everything. When you invest your time, money, and resources in something then something else gets left out. Choose wisely what you value and invest in.

1. Jesus + Nothing = Everything. The reverse of this equation is also true: Everything – Jesus = Nothing. Everything means more when nothing means more than Him.

My Birthday! The Big 5-0! Yes, Really.



Face crop image

Me and my baby. Abby just turned 5 years old on Aug. 6.

Kelsey sent me up to my room so she could make preparations for my birthday.

She had Fiona help the little girls make cards. They were so cute!

Garrett made one, too.




This one is by Abby with a little (or a lot!) of help from Fiona.



No doubt about it: children are a gift from the Lord;
the fruit of the womb is a divine reward.

Psalm 127:3

For my birthday dinner, Gary made hamburgers and french fries for the whole family. He is a really good cook. Then Kelsey made me a Hot Fudge Pudding Cake. It was delicious.

Then Garrett asked if I wanted to watch Fireproof. I hadn’t even thought about it, but that sounded like a great idea. So we ended the evening by watching Fireproof together. Gary even sat by me through most of it and watched it with us!

Kelsey made sure I had a good birthday this year. I usually don’t get much attention on my birthday, because I’m usually the party planner, but Kelsey has stepped into a new role, and she is making sure that every one of us gets our moment in the spotlight.

Thank you, Kelsey, for making my birthday so special!

Abby’s 5th Birthday

Abby is our “Strawberry Girl”. For breakfast, she had pink pancakes with strawberries on top. Later, Kelsey baked a strawberry cake and poked holes in it to pour in the 7-Up and strawberry Jello mixture. Then Katie finished it off with Cool Whip and perfectly placed strawberries. See the heart in the middle?











We had two guests outside of our family. Abby invited our little neighbor girl to her party. So Fama and her mom came. Abby would have invited everybody in Walmart if I had let her. She did tell everyone she met that it was her birthday. She got lots of birthday wishes from many strangers – without even being on Facebook!

She got the Webkinz fish that she wanted and named it Blaze, and I helped her start an account and adopt him and get started playing on Webkinz. She had a nice birthday, and we are so thankful that God continues to provide, even as we survive the financial drought that has come upon us so unexpectedly. We are expecting the floodgates of heaven to open soon. I will report THAT as soon as it happens.