Why Spirit-filled Parents Should Homeschool Their Children


Watercolor by Breezy Brookshire @Breezytulip.com



As I look around my world, I see lots of homeschoolers – my Facebook Friends list is filled with homeschoolers! But truthfully, not many of them identify themselves as Charismatic or Spirit-filled.

As I shared in my last post, my mountain is Family. I feel that my assignment is to share with Spirit-filled people – mothers especially – how important it is to make your family your primary ministry. And I consider homeschooling a very important part of intentionally building a strong, close-knit family.

By keeping your children at home you protect them from:


  • false teaching that fills public schools
  • bullying
  • demonic attacks that occur outside of your home and that you are unaware of unless your child is able to tell you about them
  • worldly influence
  • negative peer pressure
  • scrutiny, criticism, and possession by the school administration

Benefits of homeschooling your children:

You have more time with your children when you have them at home with you every day.

You can:

  • teach them the ways of the Lord
  • train them to have good character
  • pray for them whenever they need it
  • teach them to pray continually
  • teach them to operate in the gifts of the Spirit
  • teach them to do everything out of love for others
  • build a family culture and identity based on putting Jesus first in your lives
  • prophesy over them and help them find God’s will for their lives
  • get to know them better as you spend more time with them
  • help them discover their passions and interests, gifts and talents as you draw them close to your heart
  • moderate the kinds of media they indulge in and the kinds of people they interact with
  • they will learn how to relate to those outside of their own peer group

When our family left Ohio, we traveled across the country, looking for a place to stop and settle. It took several months before we finally landed in Kansas City, Missouri. When we were settled in and ready to start school again, I asked each child what they wanted to study. Shawn (my oldest) was about 15 years old and said he wanted to study his Bible. I was, naturally, rather surprised.


I asked him to write about what he was reading and to do some math and some science as well. He agreed. He really majored on Bible study for most of the rest of his homeschooling years. He even studied some Hebrew and Hebrew roots to get a better understanding of the context.


He later read Dante’s Inferno and Purgatorio as well as many Christian books by authors like Rick Joyner, Frank Peretti,  John Paul Jackson, Kim Clement, James Goll, Derek Prince, and A. W. Tozer.


For read-alouds, we studied the book of Genesis through several fiction and non-fiction books. We also read a lot of George MacDonald books, which are full of biblical, moral and allegorical teachings that do not shy from major issues that are ever-present in the modern world – such as selfishness, greed and pride. We really enjoyed reading and discussing these stories, both while we were reading them and after we finished for the day.


We read a lot of missionary biographies together such as Lillian Trasher and “The Heavenly Man”.  We got to read lots of really good books together that portrayed loving families that helped cement the idea that family is important and doing things together makes life better. They set a high standard for us of living together and loving each other, rejoicing with each other and being best friends to each other.

The experience of reading a good story aloud together has been a very bonding exercise for us. We share many memories of characters, events and lines in stories that we really enjoyed, and when someone brings up a memory, it causes a warm feeling in each of our hearts. It gives us a real sense of belonging and having common ground, despite the vast differences in our personalities, dreams, and hobbies.

We spent a lot of time praying together for my husband at work, because his job was very stressful and there was a lot of spiritual warfare happening there. And we have a policy that states if you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us. Which is very true, especially when whoever is under stress comes home and darkens the atmosphere of the house with their bad mood.


We watched videos by David Barton about God’s hand in American History and prayed together for our nation. We have prayed together as a family over the years; for provision, healing, friends and loved ones, specific needs and desires of members of our family, and a place to call home.


I have done Bible studies with the children, let them watch lots of Bible videos and videos of good stories based on biblical values and strong moral teaching.

Not to say they’ve never watched, played, or listened to any media other than those with blatant Christian labels. We try to be careful what we allow into our home, but we don’t live in a box. We have fans of Ninja Turtles, Nintendo, and lots of other franchises in our diverse household. The important thing is to stay away from media that glorifies evil or immoral lifestyles.

Idolatry is something every person struggles with. Humans have a need to worship, and we have to give our kids the best chance they have of finding the One Being it’s okay for them to idolize. The best way I know to do that is to provide a living example of the way we trust God and seek His will – for our lives and theirs. Prophetic parenting is needed.

I have been able to spend lots of time with my children, answering their questions, pointing out the wonders of God’s creation and loving and supporting them through everything they have faced.

I want to help homeschoolers do it well so their children become all they’re meant to be. By living a homeschooled life, you can pass on a love for learning that your children will carry with them for the rest of their lives, even after they’ve graduated, as well as priorities that many believe in, but few practice. Spiritual life and character are more important than academics. Relationships are more important than getting work done. You’ll likely find, as you’re teaching, that you’re learning right along with your kids.

A blessing crafted by a friend of mine named Amy Hansen:

“May the Spirit-filled families being called into Spirit-led homeschooling and prophetic parenting find the support they need to take brave steps into making their family their ministry and pursuing God’s calling for their family life. Discipling their children. May our children trust and enjoy receiving input from parents about life-altering decisions.”

Help for Depression


Are you feeling unloved, unlovable, discouraged, or depressed?

Here are a few things you can do.

Ask the Lord to show you what He thinks of you.

Ask Him to show you how He feels about you.

And then stop and listen for a while. And keep listening and looking for little signs of Him showing you how He thinks and feels about you for the next couple of days. Stay alert for what He is trying to say to you.

Also, do this.

Say out loud: “Jesus, I love You.”

Or say, “Father, I love You.”

Then wait and listen for an answer back inside your spirit.

He will answer you. Just take the time and stay still long enough to listen.

These are simple ways to get your eyes lifted back up to where they belong.

And to get a true picture of who you are to your Creator, thus kicking out those nasty feelings that have been attacking you.

Be on the Lookout!

One thing I have learned along the way was to look for signs that God may be trying to speak to me.

He speaks to us through His Word, the Bible, of course, but He also speaks to us throughout the day, sometimes in little mundane things, sometimes through puzzles and riddles.

He is very intelligent and very much like we are, so we shouldn’t be surprised that He would enjoy playing with us. But sometimes we aren’t aware of what He is doing, so we miss the signs.

He uses numbers a lot in my life. I will suddenly look at the clock and see triple numbers. Whether I know what the numbers mean or not, I know I just got a little nod from God that He is here with me, and we have a little chuckle together. Many times I will look at the clock and see 8:17, which is my birthday month and day. I always know when I catch that He is telling me He loves me and is glad He made me. I just say, “I love you, too, Lord. Thank you for making me.”

Numbers do have significance in the Hebrew language and culture and you can research them and find out what they mean to know specific things God is saying to you at times. Some of the ones I know about are 7 which means “completion, perfection”; 8 which means “new beginnings”; 5 which means “favor, grace”. The other numbers have meanings, too, and it is fascinating to study this other language that God may speak to us through. As we went through our Journey of Fire, it was very encouraging to see signs that He was with us because, frankly, at times, we felt abandoned, as if we were on our own to flounder and guess as to what the will of God was. But He was directing and orchestrating a clear path for us and taking care of us all along.

He also speaks to us through dreams and visions. If you have never considered this before, start to pay attention to the little things around you, and listen with your spirit – just be quiet for a minute and ask the Lord if He’s trying to say something to you – and you might just get a little message or kiss from God.