When You Pray – Believe!

When you pray, believe that you will receive what you ask for. You are praying His will, right?

“Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.” Mark 11:24

Every time we pray, we can know that our prayer will be answered.

“How?”, you ask. Pray for what God wants to happen! We are releasing God’s will in the earth when we pray. But prayer demands relationship with Him so that we know what His will is. We have to be in right standing with Him. Prayer is God training me to be like Him.

He wants us to rule and reign. He wants us to make decrees and declarations of His will. As in heaven so on earth. We are His agents here on earth.

There is strategy involved. We check in with Him. He tells us what He wants done, and we speak it into existence in this realm. Sometimes it takes a little time to hear Him clearly. We are learning faith and patience. But when we know His will, we should pray and know that it will come to pass. And we should expect measurable results.

As hurricane Harvey has hit the Texas coast I have prayed over my neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods and all of Katy. I actually took a prayer walk and prayed that God would protect us and cause the storm to dissipate and not do as much damage as they predicted it would. I suggested to my neighbors on our neighborhood website that they do the same thing. Many said that they were praying, too. Today, there was a tornado warning in our region. I went out and spoke to the storm clouds, “Peace, be still”. Jesus did it. He expects us to do what He did. And He gave us His authority to do it.

So just do it! And believe you will receive. Expect measurable results.

And watch this video for more encouragement:


Marriage: The Transcendent Relationship

Gary and I did our first scope together! We talked about an extremely important topic – Marriage!

He was home for Memorial Day. If you haven’t been following me on Facebook, you may not know that Gary finally got a job after 9 months of unemployment, but it’s in Wisconsin! And we live in Texas. Originally we planned to move up there to join him, but as he checked things out there, we came to realize that it is probably not feasible or for the best for our family to move there. So we are praying that God will bring him a job that is closer to home or cause things to work in a way that we can all move to where his job is.

We talk about that and lots of other things about how God has provided for us and preserved us through a lot of those things that were covered in our marriage vows – and in our covenant with God.

He has helped us to stick together no matter what!

Come and listen as we talk about what makes marriage the Transcendent Relationship!


Todd White’s Testimony

This is an unbelievable testimony. Why we need to be HOT or COLD. When we’re lukewarm, we do damage.

You have got to watch this!!! It is only 36 minutes of talking, and it will change your life.

Blessings That May Help You Through Life’s Ups and Downs

Arthur Burk speaks blessings over our spirit each day.

Here are samples of blessings that he prays.

Blessing 29

I bless you with victory over the enemy.
Spirit, I bless you with the joy of regularly seeing Satan’s plan to destroy people turned upside down and God bringing good out of painful circumstances. I bless you with seeing the problems Satan brings into the world used by God to reveal new wisdom, grace, strength, and freedom as God makes a public spectacle of His enemy and yours. I bless you with God’s perspective on pain and suffering. I bless you with partnering with God for His purposes using problems as a platform to see Him work in ways that are unmistakably God. I bless you in the name of the One who triumphed on the cross.

Blessing 20

I bless you with a focus on the prize.
Spirit, as much as you are loved you have experienced pain. You are part of a great battle against the enemy of the Most High God. I bless you with the ability to have joy that transcends pain. I bless you with a clear picture of what is before you, the things God has called you to do so you can endure pain to get there. The enemy will magnify the pain and cause you to focus on it but I bless you with being aware of the joy set before you. I bless you with sufficient understanding of that joy so you will not count the cost but will pay the price. I bless you in the name of Jesus who is the prize.

I have needed these blessings lately as I continue to deal with life and health challenges.

I hope these blessings bless you, too!