Marriage Talk with Gary and Penney

Gary and I recorded a Facebook Live in which Gary talked about several topics including:

  1. Intimacy (which somehow included something about a candy bar and swinging upside down in a tree?!)
  2. The damaging effects of promiscuity
  3. The importance of commitment and covenant
  4. Causes of a midlife crisis and how to handle it
  5. A man’s purpose and how a wife can help her husband find it
  6. Change within a marriage and how God helps us to adapt and get stronger
  7. God’s provision and no fear even in the midst of transition


Marriage Retreat in the Mountains of North Carolina

My husband, Gary, and I went to a marriage retreat called Come Away. Hal and Melanie Young hosted the retreat. They are really good teachers and wonderful hosts with a heart for families and marriage.


You can find their website at Raising Real Men.

Watch this scope in which Gary and I talked about our time at the retreat – some of what we learned and what we experienced there.