Be Changed By Love Because You Were Wired for Love

Did you know that you were Wired for Love?

What does that mean anyway?

According to Dr. Caroline Leaf, a cognitive neuroscientist, your brain was wired for love, you were wired for love.

God made us in His image. And He is love. So, doesn’t it make sense that He wired us for love?

Well, what does THAT mean?

There is a “perfect you” that we should be striving to live in. When we step out of our “perfect you”, we get into fear and other negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions. We have to learn to fear, and when we do we put our body and brain out of whack!

When we learn to live out of fear and give into these negative thoughts, we actually cause brain damage!

We have learned to fear through living in this fallen world, through thought patterns and ideas that were passed on to us by people around us, the ways that people have treated us, by our own sinful ways, traumatic events in our lives, whispers of the enemy that cause doubt, and other factors that affect us and cause us to expect negative outcomes and to fear the future and dread the unknown.

But God wants to restore us to our “perfect you”.

You were made for love. God made you so that He could love you.

Here’s the truth:

God delights in you.

He views you as His little child who is in the process of learning what life is really about, what God is really like, and the reason that He made you, the purpose of your life, the thing that only YOU can do.

You can get back to the original blueprint that God had for you by changing the way you think. When you know that you are loved unconditionally, that God has wonderful plans for you, you learn how He sees you, that He favors you, He has extraordinary affection for you, He smiles on you, you have His heart, you have His favor, you begin to think differently. You begin to see yourself as a child of God.

The way that God sees Jesus is the same way He sees us.

We renew our minds.

We start to develop the mind of Christ.

Jesus had a great self-image. He lived in His “perfect you” all the time.

Jesus was wired for love, and unlike us, He never learned to fear. He never succumbed to the worldly way or the satanic way of viewing Himself. He always knew who He was.

We can be constantly becoming more like Jesus by thinking the way Jesus thought and the way Jesus thinks.

As we do this, we will be Changed By Love.

See what I did there?

We change the way we think by taking negative and toxic thoughts captive as soon as they come into our minds, casting them out, and substituting positive, loving, true, pure God’s thoughts in their place.

Simple, but not easy, because we have to overcome years and years of wrong thinking habits.

But we have to start somewhere, and there’s no time like the present to start working on changing our thoughts.

Become the best version of you. Change your thoughts.

And let God Change you By His Love!!!

If you are interested in brain research, you should listen to Dr. Caroline Leaf, a cognitive neuroscientist, and read her books. She has a website that is full of videos, episodes of her TV show, her blog and more.

Build Your Brain By Thinking on Good Things!

Dr. Caroline Leaf, a cognitive neuroscientist who bases her research, clinical practice and teachings on biblical principles, says that the mind can change the brain. Through scientific research she has found that –

“Thoughts are real things that occupy mental real estate. You are as intelligent as you want to be! As we are thinking, we are choosing and are building thoughts inside our brain.
Learning is a process of building thoughts inside of your brain.”

Applying this to our lives and relationships, she says that:

“The truth of the matter is that you cannot control the events and circumstances of your life, but you can control your reactions to those events and circumstances.”

So we should change our way of thinking and be nice to our brains. And build better brains. When we think incorrectly, we actually do brain damage!

And we make our body sick. Stress causes disease, and thinking wrongly produces stress.

We are wired for love. We have to learn fear.


Instead of letting your mind do these things:

-Shaking your fist at God about your situation

-Being angry at your husband

-Being frustrated at your children


-Being angry at someone for what they said about you or did to you


We should:


-Be thankful for what God has done for us

-Think on the Word

-Dwell on God’s promises

-Take our thoughts captive


You choose what to think about. You choose where to direct your attention.

-~- So what do you choose to think about?-~-

~ Do you think about the Word?

~ Do you dwell on negative, hurtful things that have been done to you?

~ Do you think about how bad things are in the world?

Watch this video and hear what Dr. Caroline Leaf has to say about how to rewire your brain by not thinking toxic thoughts. You can even change your genes by thinking correctly!!!

Dr. Caroline Leaf on How God Made Your Brain

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