Give a Kid a Job and Let Him Figure Out How to Do it

I asked my 13 year old son, Garrett, to put the towel rack back up in the bathroom. I gave him a few tips that I thought might help him figure out how to put it up. I don’t really know how to do it myself. He took it from there, got 10 year old Emma to help, and voila, they put the towel rack up perfectly. Then they went on to put the toilet paper roll holder up, too!

His ingenuity and willingness to try really impressed me. I’m proud of him and glad that he was able to help us with this project and successfully complete it. It made him feel successful and proud of himself, too!

Shawn Speaks Again: Let Creativity Flow

My oldest son, Shawn (25), spoke with me again! This time we addressed the topic of letting children be creative and giving them freedom to explore and do things their way instead of insisting that they do things a certain way (mom’s way) – things that are supposed to be fun and free and creative.

Even when we have great ideas and imagine our kids loving them and doing such neat, fun projects or activities, if the kids don’t like them or want to do them, sometimes we moms have to let it go, and switch gears. We have to let them do their own thing and maybe they will come up with something even cuter or more creative than what the lesson planner came up with.

Whatever the results of the project, it’s almost certain that the experience will be better for your child than it would have been if you had forced him to do something he really didn’t like or want to do.

Click on the link below to see the scope we did about this topic:

A Homeschooler Speaks About What He Really Thinks About Homeschooling

My oldest son, Shawn (25), talks about his thoughts and feelings about homeschooling. He was homeschooled from beginning to end. He self-directed his education through high school, and he discusses how homeschooling shaped his way of thinking that enabled him to do what he is doing and helped him to adapt to any situation or environment he finds himself in.

Watch this Periscope video we made together as I interviewed him about what he thinks about homeschooling: