Asking for Help

If you ever felt like you should be able to do it all – and do it all by yourself, because otherwise you were a weak person, you might want to watch this scope I did when I was at one of my weakest times. You will learn that asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but can turn out to be a blessing and even enjoyable and lifegiving if you will allow God to bless you through others.

The quality isn’t good, but I think the message is good enough, that I decided to share it anyway.

Own Your Life

This is a brand new book by Sally Clarkson! In this book, she shares stories of how God has helped her to live the life that God gave her to live. She tells about her life and the lessons she has learned and how we can live well and leave a legacy that God will be proud of.

Learn from one who has been there! And she is still mothering and nurturing her grown children. Her heart is to help those of us who are coming along behind her to live “that blessed, intentional and full life that God designed for you to have.”

Go to Sally’s blog to pre-order this book.

I know that you will be blessed by reading this book. I’ve read the first chapter, and I was majorly touched by it.

Sally’s blog is here.

You’re a Mom – That’s Enough

I know it doesn’t seem like it. Especially when you have just left a career. Or when you are trying to figure out how to juggle being a mom and still working at a career. But look at what God says about mothers and children and family in His word. Does He ever mention a career outside of the home? Does He ever say that He knows that you won’t find staying at home with your child or children fulfilling, so you will need to find other things to do, too?

I know how you feel. I was there, too, when I had my first child. My heart was to stay home and raise my children, but I still had to adjust. And it took a couple of years to adjust to the slower pace. I still wanted to go, go, go. I was frustrated by how much effort it took to get all the baby gear together just to go to the grocery store or the park or a friend’s house. Then I had another baby. Then another. I had been doing homeschool assessments all during the summer and tutoring whenever anybody asked. It made me feel a little more significant and fulfilled than just changing diapers and cleaning (which I abhor). I came to the realization that I have chosen to be a homemaker, but I don’t really like homemaking. And I’m not really good at it. I felt like a failure, since I had chosen as a life profession something that I’m not good at and don’t enjoy doing. So I kept trying to find other things to do along with the things that I’m not good at. Things that I’m better at, like tutoring and talking to people about how they are educating their children.

Finally, the Lord stopped me, as I was running myself ragged with all the outside things besides taking care of my own children. He let me know in no uncertain terms that I was neglecting my children. Oh my! I was grief-stricken. I had been neglecting them for about 10 years at that point.

I had to stop looking for fulfillment in things outside of my home, my husband and my children.

I was under direct orders from the Lord, so I figured I had better obey Him. So I stopped trying to go somewhere every day. I stayed home with my children. We then had time to do some projects together. I baked with them more. I found activities on the internet that I could do with them. I still fight with doing other things when I should be spending time with my children. They get busy doing their own things, and they are having so much fun, that I don’t want to interrupt them. Sometimes I just start reading a book and get caught up in it and don’t really spend much time with them one on one. Now that the internet is here, I really struggle with spending too much time on it and not enough time with my kids. And I don’t take care of the house like I should.

But I’m here. I’m Mom. And to them, that’s enough. More importantly, to God, that’s enough.

Family picture Mother's Day cropped 001

Judging Other People’s “Enough”

You aren’t praying enough.

You aren’t reading the Bible enough.

You aren’t speaking the Word enough.

You aren’t giving enough.

You don’t have enough faith.

You don’t go to church enough.

Because if you were, you wouldn’t be going through the trial you’re going through. All of your needs would be met, and you wouldn’t have any lack.


Except for the one verse I have read that says, “Indeed, we felt within ourselves that we had received the [very] sentence of death, but that was to keep us from trusting in and depending on ourselves instead of on God Who raises the dead.” 1 Cor. 1:9

And this verse: “But whoever has this world’s goods, and sees his brother in need, and shuts up his heart from him, how does the love of God abide in him?” 1 John 3:17

You know, God really does allow trials to come into our lives. And He uses them to produce patience and stronger faith in us.

And then He speaks to His people around us to help us. Many times, they listen and respond. And the person in the trial gets the help they need. Sometimes, people don’t respond in love when they see a need.

Instead they judge and say in their heart: “Well, that person must not be doing enough of something right, or they wouldn’t be in that predicament.”

Then things get really bad for the person going through the trial.

And then the people around them really judge them and say, “They must have brought it on themselves.”

Lord, help us to walk in love and fulfill Galatians 6:10: “Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith.”

Help us to LOVE enough.

I Have Been Thinking

I haven’t written anything here in a while because I’ve been thinking and reading too much, and my brain is about to explode!

That little pink hippo at the feet of “The Thinker”? That’s me.

I have been thinking about politics – Obamacare and Common Core especially – they are tied together in a subtle way – the attack on religious freedom and freedom in general

I have been thinking about education – Common Core and kids who are stuck in public school but desperately want out and the attack on homeschool freedom and religious freedom – the history of education that reveals how the public education system has been hijacked by socialists

I have been thinking about Bill Gates and how he is acting like “The Brain” in Pinky and the Brain and trying to take over the world.

I have been thinking about religion – Taking care of orphans and widows, if you see someone with a need and you can help but don’t help, what does that say about your love level and your religion? Why do Christians have to fight among themselves about details that don’t matter while the enemy is attacking and defeating us in the war?

I have been thinking about theology – The “quietness camp” and the “confidence camp” – they’re both right, but they’re both wrong – these terms are taken from “The Fire of Delayed Answers” by Bob Sorge

I have been praying for this little guy: Matt Yong Clement He has a tumor that covers half of his face and has almost cut off his breathing. Kim and Jane Clement adopted him from China and brought him here to California to get the tumor removed. The doctors (19 of them!) are consulting right now about how to proceed. He had a tracheotomy, and now they are having trouble getting him off the ventilator. He has been delirious because of the drugs. I have been praying for his healing, and my heart hurts for him and for his new parents.

And I have been playing chauffeur to two sons who have jobs but no cars (no licenses for that matter!).

And my camera broke, so I don’t have cute pictures that inspire me to write.

So which topic should I write about first?