Marriage: The Transcendent Relationship

Gary and I did our first scope together! We talked about an extremely important topic – Marriage!

He was home for Memorial Day. If you haven’t been following me on Facebook, you may not know that Gary finally got a job after 9 months of unemployment, but it’s in Wisconsin! And we live in Texas. Originally we planned to move up there to join him, but as he checked things out there, we came to realize that it is probably not feasible or for the best for our family to move there. So we are praying that God will bring him a job that is closer to home or cause things to work in a way that we can all move to where his job is.

We talk about that and lots of other things about how God has provided for us and preserved us through a lot of those things that were covered in our marriage vows – and in our covenant with God.

He has helped us to stick together no matter what!

Come and listen as we talk about what makes marriage the Transcendent Relationship!

Great Homeschool Group on Periscope and Facebook

If you are a homeschool mom who needs some fellowship and comradery with other moms who homeschool and love to share their ideas and tips, feelings and struggles, triumphs and victories, and just pray for and bless each other, you might want to check out

We do broadcasts on so we can talk to each other live or watch each other’s replays. And we communicate with each other on Facebook, too, through a Facebook page and through Facebook Live. It is a fun group and a very supportive, kind group of women. If you want to join the group go to which will take you to the Facebook page and send a request to join.

Each weekday afternoon at 4:45 Eastern time, we all come together on Periscope for about 15 minutes to half an hour of chatting and supporting each other. We call it Homeschool Happy Hour. We do shout-outs of scopes that some of us have done during that day. We share what is going on in our lives or give some tips or some kind of encouragement or even ask for advice! It is a great group. If you are looking for some homeschool support and some good, kind homeschooling friends, this might just be the group for you!

This link is to the first Homeschool Happy Hour I ever hosted.

Come and join us!

Chrysalis Now!

The caterpillar was halfway through the chryalis-making process before I saw what was happening. But I started filming it as soon as I could. So we see it still shedding the old skin and doing the wiggle jiggle dance. And I explain the process that the caterpillar goes through in changing into a Monarch butterfly. Fun for kids to watch!

Very Hungry Caterpillar Emergency

We have lots of Very Hungry Caterpillars! The caterpillars are tangled together because of the lack of leaves. What will I do? I will send my sons after another Tropical Milkweed Plant. Help is on the way!

We have 13 caterpillars all together. So we will have many Monarch butterflies in a week or so! The cycle begins again! But I must feed them all they need so they can continue the process. I will keep you posted when the first one actually makes a chrysalis.

Caterpillar Wars!

My caterpillars are running out of food! They are all fighting for the few leaves that are left on the plant. One caterpillar is in a “J” and another one is eating the leaf right out from under him. Should I interfere and move the hungry caterpillar that is threatening the “J”?

14 caterpillars and one bedraggled plant with only about 6 leaves. What can I do to save them from starvation? Find out in the next videos.