A Homeschooler Gets His First Job

Morgan has been wanting a job for a long time. Since before he turned 16. Really ever since he graduated from Modeling and Acting classes two years ago. He turned 16 on New Year’s Eve, so he has been eagerly seeking a place that will hire a 16-year-old. He interviewed at Old Navy but didn’t get that job. Then he applied at Papa Murphy’s where Kelsey works, but they never got back to him. So he found out that La Madeleine, a French country cafe, was hiring and decided to apply there. He has been studying French for a while and thought it would be a great place to work.

Morgan and I had quite an adventure in applying for the job and then a wonderful day actually eating there and getting the big news.


What’s Your Philosophy of Education? Here’s Mine

A Philosophy of Education that is working for my family:
Charlotte Mason believed that education is an atmosphere, a discipline and a life. In a similar vein, I see homeschooling as a lifestyle. Homeschooling is integrated into every part of life when it is viewed this way. I call it family schooling, because the whole family is educated together and hopefully learns how to build strong, healthy relationships.
And we have a lifestyle of learning. Most of us love to research and share what we learn with each other and share information, ideas, opinions, experiences, and thoughts with each other.
We live life together. Using this method makes learning natural and enjoyable, fun and lasting.
We follow our interests and learn more about the things that delight us. We dive deep into a subject and learn as much as we want to know about it and spend as much time and effort on it as we deem appropriate or adequate.
Then we rather naturally move on to something related or totally unrelated that somehow strikes our fancy or in some way comes to our attention.
I see this philosophy of learning as very similar to what Charlotte Mason taught. I also view it as a way to make homeschooling sustainable since it is more natural and organic and uses our interests and delights to direct our studies.
So there is less stress, resistance, and control that occurs, and the learner and the teacher (or facilitator of learning, as I like to call myself) are working together to make learning happen instead of having an adversarial or authoritarian relationship that can stifle learning and happy relationships within a family.

Give a Kid a Job and Let Him Figure Out How to Do it

I asked my 13 year old son, Garrett, to put the towel rack back up in the bathroom. I gave him a few tips that I thought might help him figure out how to put it up. I don’t really know how to do it myself. He took it from there, got 10 year old Emma to help, and voila, they put the towel rack up perfectly. Then they went on to put the toilet paper roll holder up, too!

His ingenuity and willingness to try really impressed me. I’m proud of him and glad that he was able to help us with this project and successfully complete it. It made him feel successful and proud of himself, too!