What a Winter for the Douglas Family!

Two different collages of pictures from this winter of 2015-16.

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What a Winter!

Winter in Texas is not like winter in Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, or Pennsylvania! But we manage to have our own brand of fun in the sunny, mostly warm winters of Houston, Texas.

Making Groundhog Pancakes

It’s Groundhog Day! So I decided we should celebrate!

So we made Groundhog Pancakes.

groundhog pancake Emma's

This one is Emma’s.

groundhog pancake Abby's

This one is Abby’s.

groundhog pancake full Abby

Abby kept building hers.

groundhog Emma eating

Emma decided, “Enough building. Let’s eat!”

groundhog pancake Kelsey's

This is Kelsey’s creative groundhog.

Groundhog Day all 3 girls

Happy Groundhog Day from the Douglas girls!