Spider With Poor Eyesight


I started to reach for my glasses but saw something on one of the lenses.


It was this little green spider. Can you tell why he was perched on the corner of my glasses that way?

Look at the design on the cover of the Planner that my glasses were sitting on.

I think he was waiting for an insect to come and visit the flowers on my Planner cover.

Let’s Study Metamorphosis – Day 5

Well, the water started to smell pretty bad, so I changed it. I’m sure I put all 8 back in. I put in the water conditioner and let it sit for 10 minutes, then put all the tadpoles back in. They all stayed around the bottom for the first 10 minutes or so. I kept watching them and trying to find all of them. They were hard to see to count them. I finally thought I had found them all. But every time I counted I got 7 instead of 8. Later, Katie asked me why we only had 7 now. I went back over, and they were starting to hang around the top floating on lettuce leaves again, and there were only 7 of them. So we lost a tadpole somehow. I don’t know how.




You can see the spiral on this one’s tummy pretty well.




The glass bead magnified this one’s tummy so that you can see the spiral better.



Tail to tail. They just happened to be sitting like this.

I woke up this morning thinking about Metamorphosis.

I remembered that a major part of this lesson about Tadpoles turning into frogs is the spiritual application. Our spirits are brought to life and the connection with God is established as we believe on Jesus as our Lord and Savior and give Him our lives, and then we are transformed into a new Creation in Christ.

I started to think of lots of verses about these things, so I got up and wrote down the words that were coming to me. Then I got up and went to Bible Gateway and got the scriptures so that I can have the twins look them up in their Bibles. They will see that God put in nature through tadpoles turning into frogs a parallel to our transformation from fleshly people to spiritual people – we are a new creation! We are no longer dead in our sins but alive in Christ. We are being transformed by the renewing of our minds. I will put these verses in my post tomorrow. There are more of them than I thought, so I decided to dedicate the next post to them.

I love it when God teaches us lessons through nature. Jesus did it. So should we.

Let’s Study Metamorphosis – Day 4

It is so cool that we are getting to see this happen first-hand!

development of frog larvae

I wonder if our frogs will be this little when they develop legs or if they will be bigger…

Here is what I was able to capture in photos today:


I noticed a bunch of the tadpoles all lined up along the side of a lettuce leaf. Shawn said they looked like musical notes.


I got a few good pictures of the spiral on their bellies today.


Here you can see the beginning of a lumpy, frog-shaped body.


These two look like twins doing synchronized swimming!


The moss starting reaching upward. I told Emma that it was rising up to tickle the tadpoles’ tummies. She thought that was funny.


Feels like home.


We got a good start on our Amphibian lapbook today. The twins are working on this.


Fiona did the top booklet and Garrett did the bottom one.


Our lapbook is from A Journey Through Learning.




We did quite a bit of research on the Internet today about Frogs and Toads and Salamanders. And even Caecilians. Big worm-like amphibians that look like earthworms but are as big as snakes. It was giving me the willies, but I looked them up, anyway. I can stand looking at photos of them, but I hope I never see them in person. The chances are slim, because they are only found in South America, Central America and Southeast Asia. And they stay underground most of the time.

We have already learned quite a bit about amphibians, but we will be learning lots more about frogs as our little tadpoles continue to develop and change during these next several weeks.

Let’s Study Metamorphosis – Day 2

We have learned some things about tadpoles that we didn’t realize before. They like to eat stuff that is floating at the top of the water. I have been experimenting with boiling lettuce. I found that if I overcooked it, the lettuce sank to the bottom. If I barely cooked it, the lettuce floated, and the tadpoles gathered around it and on it and were very happy with their little “lily pads”.

They like to eat things that are floating at the top of the water. They’re not interested in eating anything that’s down at the bottom of the water. I even put some lettuce in that wasn’t cooked at all. It floated really well, and they have all been hanging out on it like it’s a big flotilla.

But I’m not sure that they’re eating the lettuce. I don’t know if it’s too hard for them to eat, but when I soften it, the lettuce sinks. So I’m considering having Anna go get some moss to put in my beautiful, clear-ish water aquarium.





You can enlarge each of the photos by clicking on them. Then you will be able to see more details of our cute, developing tadpoles.


I had a harder time getting pictures of the swirls on their bellies today. They have been hanging from the lettuce most of the time instead of swimming around or looking out the sides of the tank. And my camera has a hard time figuring out how to focus in at the angle that they are hanging and being right at the surface of the water instead of swimming in it.


This picture shows that their bodies are developing and starting to look more lumpy and frog-shaped.



Abby wanted to paint, so I told her to paint a picture of tadpoles. I thought it came out pretty nice. She even painted smiles on their faces. Very colorful tadpoles, aren’t they?